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Soft Tissue Laser

One of the most exciting developments in dentistry has been the laser. When it comes to treating problems with your gums, cheeks or lips, our dentists, Dr. Richard Cottrell and associates, can use our soft tissue laser in King George, Virginia, to make your treatment easier and safer. Our team will be happy to show you how our lasers can improve the health of your smile, and you can call (540) 808-1303 to schedule your appointment.

One of the advanced technologies our dentists may use when providing your treatment is a soft tissue laser. Soft tissue lasers allow us to deliver procedures with greater accuracy, providing more effective care and minimizing your recovery time following treatment. Soft tissue lasers are a versatile tool and may be used in a variety of dental procedures, including:

  • Periodontal treatments, including gingivectomy
  • Crown lengthening

Waterlase Laser Dentistry™

Once upon a time, the only place you could find lasers was in a sci-fi movie. But today, you can find them all over our office. Our dentists, Dr. Richard Cottrell and associates, and our team use Waterlase Laser Dentistry™ in King George, Virginia, which combines laser technology with a stream of water to make your visit more pleasant and effective. This system eliminates many of the sounds and sensations that people associate with a dental visit and allows you to get the smile you want in comfort. Contact our team today at 540-808-1303 to see how this technology can improve your oral health and appearance.

Laser dentistry involves the use of lasers to complete dental treatments more comfortably, quickly and effectively. At our dental practice, we are dedicated to always providing you with the best possible dental care. Our dentists and team continuously update their education and our office to provide you with a more pleasant and efficient dental visit. We are proud to offer laser dental treatment to ensure that your dental experience is comfortable and positive.

Lasers can be used for a number of dental treatments. During your visit, our dentists may recommend laser dentistry to:

  • Treat periodontal disease by removing bacteria and infected tissue
  • Cure (harden) a dental filling
  • Remove the decayed or damaged portion of a tooth
  • Treat cold sores and canker sores
  • Speed up teeth whitening
  • Recontour the gumline

There are many benefits of laser dentistry. Many treatments completed with a dental laser are very comfortable and may not require the use of anesthetic. Dental lasers also shorten treatment time and healing time and decrease the risk of infection following treatment. In addition, lasers minimize bleeding both during and after treatment, and because they are very precise, we are able to treat the targeted area without affecting nearby healthy tissues. To learn more about the advantages of laser dentistry, we invite you to call or visit us today.

3-D Printer

Our dentists and team pride themselves on making your visit as comfortable and convenient as possible. We know that spending a week or more protecting a temporary restoration while you wait for your permanent one can be problematic. Dr. Richard Cottrell and associates use 3D printing in King George, Virginia, to help plan your treatment and create your new restoration while you wait. For a faster appointment with results you can depend on, call 540-808-1303 today.

Our dentists and team use state-of-the-art 3D printing technology when creating your restorations and oral appliances. This ensures that your restoration or appliance is of the highest quality and tailored to fit your mouth and smile. With 3D printing, we can create highly accurate restorations and oral appliances that will improve your oral health and smile both immediately and long-term. 3D printers are known for creating restorations that have a smooth and natural looking finish to give you a beautiful result.

3D printing also allows our dentists and team to complete your treatment entirely in our office, reducing your overall treatment time and giving us the opportunity to ensure that your restoration is of the highest quality. Additionally, 3D printers reduce your treatment cost.

The restorations and appliances most frequently created with 3D printing technology include:

  • Dental crowns
  • Dental bridges
  • Night guards
  • Indirect bonding trays
  • Denture bases
  • Dental and orthodontic models
  • Castable crowns, bridges and partial denture frameworks

When you receive a restoration or appliance made using 3D printing technology, our dentists will first take a digital impression of your teeth and mouth. This will then be used to design and create the restoration or appliance.

For more information about 3D printing and to schedule a consultation with our dentists, contact our office today, 540-808-1303.

Cone Beam CT Scan

At our office, we use a cone beam scanner in King George, Virginia, to examine your smile and the areas that surround it. This technology allows our dentists, Dr. Richard Cottrell and Associates, to diagnose any issues that you may have and create your personalized treatment plan. If you have a concern about the health of your smile, contact our team today at 540-808-1303 to schedule your appointment.

Digital X-Rays

Dental X-rays were first used in the United States in 1896. Like every aspect of dental medicine, X-rays have vastly improved since they were introduced, and our dentists and team use digital X-rays in King George, Virginia, which make the experience more comfortable and safer than with previous technology. To plan your visit with Dr. Richard Cottrell and associates, contact a member of our team at 540-808-1303.

Digital X-rays are one of the advanced diagnostic tools we use to provide you with the best possible care. Digital radiography has changed the way we take dental X-rays by making the process faster, more comfortable and more convenient than ever before. Digital X-rays use a digital sensor to take images of your teeth, unlike traditional X-rays that use film. Digital X-rays use significantly less radiation than conventional film X-rays and require the use of no chemicals for developing the images. Our dentists can then instantly view the high-quality images.

Digital X-Ray

In-House Dental Lab

In the past, if you needed dental crowns, veneers, or dentures, the entire process could take a week or even longer. You might leave the dental office with a temporary restoration, which you would have to guard very carefully to keep it from being damaged. We have an in-house dental lab in King George, Virginia, which gives our dentists the ability to design and create your restoration in just one visit. We do Crowns in 1 – Day! This is just one way Dr. Richard Cottrell and associates make your experience a positive one. If you are ready for the wait to be over when it comes to your restoration, call 540-808-1303 for your appointment today

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